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Utair company rebranding

November 7, 2017 Category: Identity

Utair airline company has recently presented new brand concept. New identity was developed by Friends Moscow.

Utair company rebranding

They used Swiss International font in the new Utair logo, where the fading U letter symbolizes plane exhaust. Existing aircraft fleet will be repainted in the first half of 2018.

Renewed Utair positioning centers around the company being simple and transparent, with the aim to connect people. Utair is for flyers who value the result of travel, not the process. This kind of travelers prefers to hug their beloved in person rather than talk to them on Skype.

Utair website has also been updated and features a more convenient ticket-selling system, where you construct your purchase based on the lowest fare ticket and additional options for extra money. Utair marketing campaign will be focused on becoming the one and only airline company, which the target consumer associated with flying around Russia. Utair's target consumer is younger and more educated than an average frequent flyer. With the help of the new website Utair is planning to boost online sales.

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