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Subway has a new logo

October 30, 2017 Category: Logo

Subway unveiled the new design - the first time that the sandwich chain has significantly changed the major element of its identity since 2001.

Subway has a new logo

The new logo hasn't lost its authenticity and still remains recognizable. The biggest changes in the logo concern color: the old one used white and yellow letters with green borders, while now the borders are gone with only green and yellow remaining. Besides the new logo, Subway presented the new emblem, which is hiding the same “S” between two large arrows and, in turn, forming a larger, graphic “S”. It has potential to become a highly successful, relevant, and recognizable as it becomes the social media icon.

In November 2017 Turner Duckworth agency created a new visual identity system that creatively shows off ingredients in the restaurant chain’s sandwiches. For the images, Turner Duckworth turned sandwich ingredients into literal art pieces.

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