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Stumptown Coffee Rosters get new packaging design

October 27, 2017 Category: Packaging

Stumptown Coffee Roasters from Portland decided redesign packaging for the whole product line. Austin-based studio LAND was commissioned to complete the task.

Stumptown Coffee Rosters get new packaging design

Function-wise, the old coffee bags were pretty perfect, with each having a slit in the front where labels could be inserted for each coffee variety, making it easy to have a broad range of flavors while only bulk-printing one bag. This way products could be easily and cheaply differentiated.

After 17 years of using the utilitarian brown bags and card system - Stumptown decided to switch to a more environmentally sustainable bag that would better preserve the freshness of their coffee. The new packaging is entirely biodegradable and is made primarily of renewable wood pulp except for the tie and the valve. It also boasts a much bolder typography and overall look.

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