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"Staraya Marka" vodka restyling

December 3, 2017 Category: Packaging

Runway Branding agency has executed successive restyling of "Staraya Marka" vodka. "Staraya Marka" is in the top-10 bestselling vodka brands in Russia and is widely represented around the country.

“Staraya Marka“ vodka restyling

This restyling was aimed at preserving emotional and ideological platform of the brand, which is based on the warm feeling of nostalgia, the desire to return to the times when the future seemed bright and relationships were sincere.

The emotional accents of the renewed "Staraya Marka" packaging has become quality of the product, product safety guarantee and the use of original recipe. Vodka logo, which looks like a massive unique quality control stamp, became the center of attention.

Bottle labels have been subjected to big changes. A separate label now serves for the differentiation of tastes: classic versus birch. Composition and typography have been modernized, and the graphic and printing solutions have been noticeably strengthened.

The restyling has actualized the brand image and has made the vodka brand more competitive, while adding authenticity and nostalgia for the past to its value set.

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