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"Reunion" photography project

November 17, 2017 Category: Creativity

In 2000, when the photographer Josephine Sittenfeld was a junior at Princeton University, she captured portraits of her classmates and, after exhibiting the prints on campus, she consigned them to a closet. 15 years later Josephine, right before the fifteen-year college reunion, Josephine retrieved the old film and decided to complete the "before and after" series, which she called "Reunion".

“Reunion“ photography project

“Reunion,” the result of this labor, is a series of moody, satisfying diptychs that fast-forward the natural transformations. Before-and-after shots, much like class gatherings themselves, tend to promise drastic reinventions, but Sittenfeld’s deliver a visual consistency that feels both plain and profound. Time’s passage is betrayed not so much by aged faces as by the new accoutrements of adulthood. There are fewer backpacks and more baby carriers. Reunion wristbands abound, and a red Solo cup has become a crumpled bottle of Smartwater.

(Photos are arranged in "before-after" order)

It was better
Got better