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Okhota Strong beer redesign

November 16, 2017 Category: Packaging

In 2016 Uniqa Creative Engineering brand-design agency from Moscow, Russia, was commissioned by Heineken Russia to redesign a popular Russian beer brand “Okhota Strong”.

Okhota Strong beer redesign

Decision to redesign the brand was based on decrease in customers’ interest to the brand combined with active sales growth of other brands similar to “Okhota Strong”, but possessing modern, bold and unique packaging design. The aim of redesign was not only to change it, but also work on the shape of glass bottle.

In course of work client imposed some serious restrictions: the logo had to stay intact as well as the existing brand mascot – a man with a rifle. Brand name could be interpreted in two ways: “Okhota Strong” as “I want a strong” and “Okhota Strong” meaning “hunting”. That’s why the image of a hunter that has existed for five years was the main graphic representation of the brand assuring brand recognition and featured in all the marketing materials. The illustration got slightly modernized in the new design by making hunter’s clothes a bit more detailed.

The basic idea of packaging design was simple, which guaranteed easy realization in two different packaging formats: beer’s high ABV shown via visually recognizable and firm material – structure and pattern of corrugated metal. While being so basic, concept needed flawless execution, that’s why all design steps were carefully coordinated with printing facilities and client’s production factories.

Corrugated metal became the ideal motif for bottle embossing. New shape made it easier to hold the bottle. The waist of the bottle was the perfect place for the new label, which came to look more high-end despite a much smaller size compared to the previous design. New graphics on the background of the aluminum can created an illusion of using unusual metal but allowed to nicely place a large illustration of the brand mascot and a bold scaled-up diagonal logo, which made the overall look more dynamic.

New unique manly packaging design of “Okhota Strong” highlighted the brand on the shelf, brought back loyal consumers and attracted even wider audience of various age and social groups. As a result of major changes in graphics and shape of packaging, the brand successfully restored its positions on the market and gained potential for further development.

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