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New Masthead for the Guardian

January 17, 2018 Category: Logo

Established in 1821, The Guardian is a British newspaper with an approximate circulation of 146,000 and a website that reaches 152 million unique visitors a year. This January he newspaper changed its printed version from a “Berliner” dimension to a Tabloid dimension, introduced a new website, new masthead, and new headline font (in collaboration with Commercial Type.

New Masthead for the Guardian

The old logo was introduced in 2005, but its length was less than ideal for digital spaces and the all lowercase approach made it feel less serious than it was. The new masthead ups the gravitas with a very elegant, serious, and business-minded serif. It has a strong, confident presence. The new monogram hasn't come out as ideal as the logo, but the original stencil effect has great potential in social media.

In print and online, the logo has stayed on the right, maintaining one of the newspaper’s distinctive features, but has lost the thick blue bar, which was perhaps its most distinctive asset. it wasn’t a pretty bar but it was effective both to spot the printed edition and to quickly realize you had landed on The Guardian’s website. However, readers will most likely start recognizing The Guardian again in no time at all. The new layouts have changed as well, but still look witty and original.

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