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New logo, identity and packaging for Chernigivske beer

January 19, 2018 Category: Packaging

Established in 1988, Chernigivske is the leading beer brand in Ukraine in terms of sales volume and it’s part of beverage giant, Anheuser-Busch InBev. Late last year, Chernigivske introduced a new identity and packaging designed by Kiev, Ukraine-based Reynolds and Reyner.

New logo, identity and packaging for Chernigivske beer

The old logo and monogram looked like any number of beer logos and monograms, featuring a red and gold color palette as well as some form of shield/crest and allusion to barley and hops. The new monogram presents the most evident change, going with a more stylized “Ч” - the Cyrillic letter for the “ch” sound - that sits inside a guitar-pick-like shield. The full wordmark now features a contrasting, thick-thin type structure and looks sleeker than before. The main logo can also be accompanied by a range of English stuff, including a "Since 1988", the name of the beer rendered as a signature, a "Brewed with Passion" tagline, and a monogram seal. The new labels feel more contemporary, and there is a lot of detailing and subtle elements and textures that make them interesting.

The identity then introduces a silhouette device that’s kind of interesting and maybe the shape of the bottle is very well known in Ukraine that it can stand on its own. These silhouettes work rather nicely with the typographic arrangements and the image directly above has a cool contrasting effect between the graphic bottle and photographic background.

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