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New logo and identity for Kodak

December 4, 2017 Category: Identity

Established in 1888, Kodak is a technology company focused on imaging. In 2016 Kodak decided to get back into the consumer market: they eleased the Ektra, a photography-first smartphone, and announced the return of the Super 8 camera and film. To gradually coincide with this return as a more general consumer brand, Kodak has reinstated its iconic logo with a typographic and identity update by NY-based Work-Order agency.

New logo and identity for Kodak

The new identity is based on the legendary red and yellow icon created in 1971 and then updated in 1987. The design goal was to restore the image of the brand recognized by consumers since the past century. The combination of warm yellow, red and black allowed consumers to immediately identify the brand. For that reason designers decided to bring yellow back in the new identity.

The brand name in the new logo is written in all caps and is vertically oriented. The typographic solution is based on the Graphik typeface. Due to vertical orientation the brand name provokes associations with both perforated edge of the photo film and a street sign.

New Kodak brand identity capitalizes on the current acceptance of nostalgia by bringing back a classic icon and it builds on it with a simple, confident aesthetic.

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