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New identity for Rimowa

January 31, 2018 Category: Identity

Rimowa, an abbreviation and then compound of founder Richard Morszeck Warenzeichen name, is a Cologne based manufacturer of luxury luggage. It has a significant history, beginning in 1898 as a travel and leather goods maker known for its innovative approach, and growing to become an international brand with a distinctive line of polycarbonate and aluminium products. To help reaffirm Rimowa’s position as a global leader and celebrate its 120th year, Commission agency developed this timeless and elegant identity based on the logo created by Munich-based Bureau Borsche

New identity for Rimowa

Rimowa brand has a long and entertaining history. Rimowa’s first fully aluminium designs were created following a fire in 1937. This destroyed all the materials except for the metal, and led to the development of durable and light weight aluminium product which is now complimented by an equally light weight and durable range constructed from polycarbonate. Both feature Rimowa’s distinctive ribbed relief across their surfaces.

Commission introduce a monogram, new typographic style, colour palette and pattern motif to the workmark designed by Bureau Borsche. Commission take brand's qualities - legacy and craftsmanship, modernity and utility - and convey them through a concise combination of graphic expression, materiality and mechanism. The new identity is inspired by the unique architecture of Cologne Cathedral and Rimowa's legacy. The material qualities form a crucial part of identity. For instance, the graphic and the material come together in the harmony of blind embossing of monogram and the black block foiling of the wordmark. Rimowa's new identity and logo have turned out to reflect the new luxury of being modest.

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