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New Converse logo

January 9, 2018 Category: Logo

Converse, established in 1908, is an American shoe company that primarily manufactures apparel, skating shoes and lifestyle brand footwear. Converse is known as one of America’s most iconic footwear companies. In 2017 the well-known brand decided to get a new logo and commissioned Sawdust agency to help with it.

New Converse logo

The star chevron has been in use since the '70s and they wanted to make it a major part of the brand identity. They decided to leverage an icon that’s part of the brand identity and add a metaphor of moving forward to it. In order to get brand name in the mix they had to develop a new wordmark.

The new Converse wordmark itself comes from several past identities. The letterforms are a hybrid of four/five versions of the wordmark used in the past.

It was better
Got better