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New actress to play Lara Croft

December 25, 2017 Category: Cinema

In March 2018 the New Lara Croft: Tomb Raider movie will hit the screens starring Oscar-winning actress Alicia Vikander. The movie is based one a popular computer game, which appeared on the shelves in 1996. The new movie is going to show the evolution of Lara Croft.

New actress to play Lara Croft

After they announced that Alicia was going to put on the iconic tank top and cargo pants of Lara Croft, a huge wave of negative comments was raised. Lara Croft fans noticed that Alicia was too petite and skinny. They were also deeply disappointed by her cup size.

However, in one of the interviews Alicia confessed that it had always been her dream to play Lara Croft. According to Alicia, Angelina Jolie made Lara Croft legendary. But she never wanted to recreate this image or make anything similar to it. The idea was to tell Lara's story, look back at her roots and show her life path. Vikander is sure that her Lara will be very well-perceived by younger female audience. The new movie will show her versatile character in progress.

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