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Nesquik redesign

December 27, 2017 Category: Packaging

In 2016 the Milan office of Futurebrand agency was commissioned to modernize the logo and packaging of Nesquik brand. First sold in 1948 (as Nestle Quik), Nesquik began as a single chocolate powder product to mix into milk and now has grown to a wider line of products that include ready-to-drink bottled milk, syrups, cereal, and a few other extensions like candy bars.

Nesquik redesign

The main design goal was to modernize and evolve the logo and packaging of Nesquik. Designers ,anaged to capture & convey a new warmth and approachability, using the white outline to communicate the product idea of milk complement, which is further reinforced by the droplet that forms the dot over the ‘I’. FutureBrand maintained the vibrant, distinctive yellow as primary colour, while making it more natural through the rising sun - the perfect start to a happy, active day.

FutureBrand also gave a contemporary new look to the iconic, much loved character Quicky. The new brand mascot is more in tune with the Pixar-esque reality kids have gotten used to and he’s not naked anymore. In general, the redesign is a visual improvement that gives the brand a kick to stay competitive and withing the realm of more timely aesthetics.

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