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Martell rebranding

December 6, 2017 Category: Packaging

Established in 1715 in Cognac, France, Martell is one of the oldest brands of cognac in the world. Martell offers seven types of cognac with Cordon Bleu being its flagship product. Recently, Martell introduced a new identity and packaging designed by Paris-based Yorgo & Co..

Martell rebranding

When redesigning the identity of Martell Yogo & Co.explored the luxury cognac house’s archives, bringing back details from 300 years of history. They drew a new swift, revived a timeless shield, created exclusive typefaces, and set the global corporate identity brand guidelines. The new logo seems more refined thanks to attention to detail. All the graphic gestures are more elegant and display better craft, in particular the new swift, the accompanying typography and the new shield.

Packaging hasn't undergone any major changes, which is in this case more of a good thing. This is a solid evolution that builds upon 300 years worth of history and sets it up for continued success in the future.

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