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"Duck Hunting" play staged again

November 17, 2017 Category: Theatre

On October 22nd, 2017, at Yermolova Theater in Moscow the modern interpretation of Aleksandr Vavilov's play "Duck Hunting" was staged by Yevgeny Marcelli. Main parts were played by young celebrities: Ivan Yankovsky played Zilov, Sergey Kempo performed as his friend Dmitry, Darya Melnikova - as his ex-girlfriend, and Kristina Asmus played his wife Galina.

“Duck Hunting“ play staged again

Aleksandr Vampilov wrote the play in 1967, and it was first staged in 1976. At those times it was perceived as a story of the lost generation, who lived their mature years during times of stagnation, lies and hypocrisy.

Modern production of "Duck Hunting" evokes different emotions as everything in it happens in present times. Yevgeny Marcelli has made a play about people in their 30s, about the crisis of still following your instincts while trying to make big steps in life. One has survived a lot: betrayal, divorce and cheating. He doesn't like himself, but has no clue why. Maturity is yet to come, and now he is just bored. All actors are intentionally young, for instance, Ivan Yankovsky playing Zilov is only 26 years old.

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