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Chobani yogurts redesign

November 30, 2017 Category: Packaging

Established in 2005 and launched in 2007, Chobani is a brand of organic Greek yogurt from the US, which has become the most popular yogurt brand in the country in just a decade. Danone, Yoplait and Activia are simply left behind. At the height of their success, Chobani decided to change the logo and packaging of America's most favorite yogurts with the help of in-house design team.

Chobani yogurts redesign

The previous wordmark was heavily geometric and its aesthetic felt too harsh, fragmented, and cold in contrast to the smooth, creamy texture and flavor of the product. The new wordmark manages to capture that feel-good sensation of the product in a rich, smooth, curvy, chunky serif. The new wordmark is the best-in-class example of the slowly rising trend of serif typography and it looks very appropriate. The green color is unexpected but it looks stunning on the typography and more so in the packaging.

The brand’s new photography style and overall presentation feel nostalgic and wholesome. The extra saturation of colors gives it a nice contemporary feel. The new packaging has a very classy look and the new off-white background color makes a huge difference in adding warmth to the packaging with a little folk connotation to it.

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