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BeforeAfter is a project for those interested in constant changes
in the fields of design, technology, art, style и show business.
For users’ convenience we have collected the most relevant
news on rebranding, restyling and redesign of products in services in one place,
presenting you with illustrative comparisons of “the new” and “the old”.

We are offering our wide audience a simple way
to express their opinions on the new – voting.
By analyzing the voting results professionals would be able to estimate real
and potential effectiveness of changes and draw conclusions about audience’s preferences.

With the help of compulsive registration we guarantee righteous voting results: one vote per person for each project. If you are not willing to register,
you will still be able to browse through the news but voting option will be disabled for you.

Our project is going to develop and acquire new functions
for you to benefit from. Please, do not hesitate to drop us a line to, if you have any suggestions, remarks or things to share.